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6 Sep

_3_38-_ =p YishnTopeI’m having a really bad dream or maybe they’re real . *shrugs* truth is , I don’t know anymore . I’ve reached the point where reality blends with my dream world . The line between my sanity & insanity has been stretched thin . I’ve had as much as I can take . I’ve realized that in life , there are 3 things you need to understand . Call them a trio , trilogy , threesome , triangle , or whatever else makes you happy . I call them ‘THE 3 JOKES’.

First , there’s lil miss ‘LOVE’. She’s the sickest joke of all . Nowadays , I just smile when people say they’re in love . Haha , What you are my dear , is in some deep shit . You give someone your all , open up your mind , soul , heart , you pour out everything and tell them all your dirty lil secrets . Stuffs you wouldn’t tell anyone if you were in your right mind . But then again , you’re not in your right mind . You’re in love . Awww , how sweet .. how incredibly delusional you are . And how I pity you . I don’t mean to sound bitter , don’t picture me as a sadist or something but you’re probably gonna get hurt . I should know . I’ve gotten hurt in like 60 different ways I didn’t even know existed . One day they’re here , one day they’re there , one day they care and finally they disappear that’s just so unfair .

Then there’s the joke of ‘CARING’. That’s a good joke . Almost as good as the first , I laugh everytime I hear a story about it . What a silly waste of time . You spend so much time and energy caring about someone , something , what people say or think about you . But to what end ? No , really , what’s the point ? Pffttt . Human beings are horrible creatures , I should know . I just so happen to be one . Haha , just get this into your head , nothing you do is ever gonna be right to people . People never tell you what you want to hear when you want it. Its a tough world you know ? There’s no right or wrong thing if you’re looking for peoples approval cause you can’t please everybody . There’s only the ‘what makes you happy thing’ that’s what matters in the end. Care less , live more .

Then like those two bitter jokes aren’t funny enough , there’s the joke of ‘TRUST’. Haha Why ? no really why ? Why would you put your faith in someone by trusting them ? Why put yourself up for the unavoidable hurt that comes with trust ? Honestly , Trust is basically a waste of time because the people you trust will be the same ones that teach you not to ever trust anyone . People live to betray ! You put your trust in petty shallow minded creatures called ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ and all they do is stab you in the back (sometimes literally) then leave you to lick your wounds . Funny , isn’t it ? -__-

‘CARING’ just like ‘LOVING’ is giving someone the opportunity to fuck you up and screw you over and then ‘TRUSTING’ them not to . Thing is some people would jump at an opportunity to do that . Thus is life , do not be deceived , its not a bed of roses , rather its a pool of acid .