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Broken .

26 Aug

Deranged Fantasy

I remember being asked by DFB readers why I always write a fiction where the guy is the victim , whereas in reality females are the real victims . In respect to that I have no comment because no one is above being hurt . Nevertheless in this article , I took myself out of my comfort zone , placed myself in a females shoes and was able to put this together .

How many hearts are yet to be broken ? Why do we love with all our hearts only to get hurt ? Parents just don’t know what being a teenager at this time and age is like . Nothing makes sense to me at all , I just spend too much time in my head having conversations with myself . My life has been a whirlwind of unfortunate events , I’ve been messed with so many times…

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Avian Beauty

16 Aug

Avian Beauty

It was a hot and sunny day today in West Michigan as I found this Killdeer in an area of gravel that was well traveled by people. I think the familiarity with people it had was why it allowed me to get in close enough for a detailed photo as it displayed its feathers.