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4 Jul



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The Things We Teach Our Children

Okay, so I’ll apologize that this has somehow shifted from me talking about my story and my stories that I’m working on and reading to parenting and child-things. 541 more words

Topics Anorexia Appearance Body Issues Celebrity Indroducing The Bumble Bee’s Motherhood Mum Parenting Pregnancy

Young, Fat and Pregnant

Should mothers to be worry about their outward appearance during pregnancy? Is it viewed by society as being selfish towards your unborn child?

Pregnancy, whether young or old, changes your body at a rapid rate. 873 more words

Topics Humor Parenting

No Pain, No Gain

I wish I could put my kid into a plastic bubble where he could not get hurt.

If there was a way to get hurt doing the most strange things, he finds it. 421 more words and 4 likes

Topics 4th Of July Cookies Cooking Freedom Holidays Independence Parenting Parenting

Happy 4th of July!

My daughter made 4th of July cookies. Very simple to make. Vanilla wafers decorated with frosting and sprinkles to look like American flags. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, remembering those who fought for us so that we can have freedom and independence! 1 like

Topics Baby Baby Development Dads Mommy Life Motherhood New Mom Parenting Parenting Pediatrician

Why We Broke Up With Our Baby’s Pediatrician (and Why I’m So Glad We Did)

Months before my firstborn was due, I researched and spoke to local moms about which pediatric practice they chose and why. I also scheduled three separate meet and greets at the physicians’ offices we were considering. 681 more words and 4 likes

Topics Children Clothes Fashion Kids Oakley Old Navy Parenthood Parenting Photography Style

July 4, 2013

Old Navy Longsleave Rashguard and Bikini Bottom Combo
Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses 4 likes

Topics Catholic Christian Everyday Life Faith Faith Family Parenting Parenting Teens And The Church

Marching to Their Own Drums

Since my son’s birth, people have been telling me that he looks a lot like me. But his interests are much closer to his dad’s than mine: movies with car chases and explosions, extremely chocolaty desserts, sports of all kinds. 570 more words and 2 likes

Topics Art Craft Creativity Hobby Humor Malay Motherhood Origami Paper

Lucky Stars

Designed by : Unknown
Folded by : hazrock and daughter, Qistina

I know that the amount of Lucky Stars folded has a significant meaning (I Love You, Forever, Only Love). 18 more words and 7 likes

Topics Art Baby Crafts Family Kids Learning Parent Parenting Play

Making Use of Old Things

It’s amazing how weather can determine what kind of day we have. Today was another temperamental day and so we faced yet another day indoors. 136 more words and 6 likes

Topics Distress Tolerance Family Family Gratitude Humor Life Lessons Parenting

Life lesson

I hope my four year old remembers this day, the day she discovered that pulling the string only makes thing worse. 1 like

Topics Development Love Parenting Poems Poetry Poetry Prose Prose4T Watching

The Audience

The first time I’ve joined in with the weekly blog hop “Prose 4 Thought” as I decided it was about time to get in touch with my poetic side again. 107 more words and 3 likes

Topics Acceptance Bullying Cultures Expression Just Me Kids Love Opinions Parenting

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground…..

Of all the atrocities and crimes against humanity currently happening in the world, which we should all be taking up the sword to fight against, I am shocked at the attention being given to….fashion? 884 more words and 3 likes

Topics Parenting

Independence Day

The big news at our house is that Eleanor just lost her first tooth. The baby tooth is gone- making room for the adult one to take its place. 350 more words, 1 comment, and 1 like

Topics Adoption Discrimination Family Moving Parenting Prejudice Small Town Support

Multiculturalism (or lack there of) in a small town

My family and I recently moved from a very small town in southern Delaware to a much larger suburban area in Northern Delaware.  The town we moved from had one traffic light, cops that sit around all day and give tickets for driving 5 over the speed limit, and a population of around 900.   1,112 more words and 3 likes

Topics Advice For Moms Canada Day Children Crowds Family Vacations Funny Kids Large Family Ottawa

Contingency Plan

We recently planned a mini vacation to our nation’s capital in Ottawa for Canada Day. This would be our first “big kid” trip, meaning no sippy cups, no diaper bags, and no strollers. 1,056 more words and 1 like

Topics Forgiveness Julie Cole Parenting

Forgiveness – A Work in Progress

Hanging on a wall in our home is a list of basic principles that our family tries to live by. It’s a visual reminder of how we should treat each other. 360 more words and 2 likes

Topics Daily Post Daily Prompt Daily Prompt Daughters Funny Laughter Parenting

Silly Girls

Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Most of my laughs, these days, come from my two daughters.   292 more words and 1 like

Topics 30 Day Blog Challenge 30 Day Blog Challenge Eat Food Parenting Toddler What Did You Eat Today Yummy

What Did You Eat Today?

Day eleven of the 30 day blog challenge is what did you eat today?

Today I went to see my friend and she cooked me a traditional English Breakfast on toast… 55 more words and 4 likes

Topics Fireworks Fourth Of July Grief Independence Day Loss Motherhood Parenting PhuckYoPhourth Poem

Smoke Bombs

Wake up gasping from dreams

She pounds from inside my head

Thoughts thick as the smoke in the sky

At 10:15 p.m. on the 4th of July 1 comment and 3 likes

Topics Chiristianity Christianity Divorce Divorce Family Fourth Of July Humor Jesus Mental-health

Proud to be an American

I don’t like getting out of bed. In fact, I LOVE being in bed. It can feel like torture during the winter months, when my alarm sounds off before there’s a hint of daylight. 912 more words and 5 likes

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